Our Approach

About The Goods is both a shop and a brand. As a shop, we carry clothing and gear from the US Mainland and the Pacific that represents our quality, values, and style. In addition to products, we cultivate and elevate local artists and their fans with in-store events, concerts, promotions, DJ sets and gear. The culture we celebrate is best experienced live and direct.

As a brand, we produce exclusive items meant to stand out in a tropical crowd, and develop a unique spin on the staples of local clothing.

Our Story

In 2012, Robin Taclas (DJ Revise) and Riana Stellburg (Tittahbyte) who have alter egos as photographers, journalists, DJs and promoters, combined forces to create a space and brand to serve Honolulu’s thriving underground music and streetwear scene, which is as diverse as the people of the islands.