On to the next one

Back in November we celebrated 5 years of being a brick & mortar and a brand. In November 2012, we opened About The Goods in a small corner of a cellphone shop in Pearl Kai Shopping Center.

We weren’t sure how people would react to us sharing a space and how we would even sell our product. But once the word was out that we had a spot in Aiea to shop our goods, friends, family and eventually new customers came through and supported us.

After a year, we realized that we had outgrown our small corner. An opportunity to relocate opened up for us and that is when we moved to McCully St.

We were excited to create a space to call our own. We were able to house brands like Zanerobe, ThingThing, HLZBLZ and eventually create our own button-down’s. We hosted many events from books to album release parties to support our community.

Three years later, we closed our McCully location to move to Chinatown, where we are now. For the past 10 months, we’ve participated in every First Friday event and partied with our customers, hosted the art and work of local artists, and threw parties in-store with visiting DJs and producers.

With the landscape of clothing and streetwear constantly changing, we’ve had to realign our priorities and adapt as a brand and as artists. In order for us to keep giving our customers and community the best products and events, we’ve decided to take a different approach to About The Goods. We will be producing more quality goods, events, pop-up’s, content -- all things that we enjoy and what our brand is about. The culture we celebrate is best experienced live and direct. 

Our last day of operations is on Saturday Feb. 17th. Although it is an ending to our 5 year chapter of owning a physical location, we are excited to move on to the next one.

About The Goods has always been an extension of us and must grow with us. About The Goods is not a place, it’s the people that are involved.

Mahalo to everyone that has stopped by our physical locations whether it was in Aiea, McCully or Chinatown. Come through 1145 Bethel St. for our last First Friday exhibit to celebrate this new chapter with us.

Our online store will be open 24/7 for your shopping needs. For now, look out for About The Goods coming to your city.

- Robin Taclas (DJ Revise) & Riana Stellburg (Tittahbyte)

Riana Stellburg