What’s Good Food Chinatown Honolulu | JJ DOLAN'S

JJ Dolan's is a dimly lit Irish pub serving NYC style pizza in Honolulu’s Chinatown. Their stripped-down menu of classic and signature pies are accompanied by witty descriptions meant to deter you from making too many changes to their perfectly composed pizzas; "substitute shrimp chicken-- if you must". Even on their custom pizzas the limit for toppings is four, forcing an over-zealous pizza topper to minimize and simplify. It’s where to go if you’re looking for a no-frills classic NYC style pizza and a cold refreshing beer.


When we popped into JJ’s, it was still daylight out. We were already full from our meal at Sidewalk Deli, but once we walked into the pub and were hit with the smell of pizza flowing through the air, we couldn’t resist ordering a slice each. At JJ’s they only offer cheese or pepperoni pizza by the slice-- which was totally fine by us. Before we knew it, our slices were gone (mine with tons of red chili flakes, Riana’s doused in Cholula) and we were washing down the last of the cold pint of Blue Moon. This visit reminded us of why we keep going back to JJ’s, their service is always friendly, the pizza is always delicious, and the drinks are always cold. Can’t ask for much more than that.

JJ Dolan’s is located on 1147 Bethel St. Cash and cards accepted, open Monday through Saturday.